They are facade profiles applied to the exterior of the buildings to provide aesthetics and protect the buildings from all kinds of liquid penetrating from the outside. In recent years, these profiles are applied vertically to the edges of windows and doors and in the form of a frame on the four sides as a decorative application.

Since they increase the aesthetics of the structures, they add value to buildings. Besides offering aesthetic beauty to your buildings, these products are also highly resistant insulation materials against external factors such as heat and sound. This product, especially used around windows, provides a higher height perception than the floor. However, if desired, they can be used indoors for a more decorative look too.

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Jambs are the profiles used in buildings. In general, they are applied to protect doors and windows from rain. They are extremely important materials to prevent the penetration of liquid substances that may come from outside. In short, they can be defined as facade profiles. They are applied to the edge of the doors and windows and as a frame on the four sides. The best practice is to apply them on the outer part of the surfaces. Jambs can be produced from different materials and there are many materials to choose from.

Jamb types:

Jamb types can be produced from many materials such as natural stone jambs, aluminum jambs, marble jambs, metal jambs, concrete, fibro concrete, alucobond, and styrofoam polyurethane.

What Is Window Jamb and How Is It Used?

Another wondered question is the question of what a window jamb is. The answer to this question can be provided as the application of the protection of the window according to the anatomy of the window. The frame is referred to as the frame that surrounds and supports the entire window system. Jamb crowns are made of vertical or side sills.

Vertical Jamb: Jambs used in windows can be vertical. The crown is referred to as the main horizontal portion that creates the top of the window frame. Vertical jambs are also known as jambs.

Jamb Liner: It is the strip that is applied to the edges of a window frame and fits comfortably on the window sash.

This prevents the walls from being damaged by areas such as windows and doors after the jamb is completely applied. It also protects the facade since it will directly block water and other liquids. It will prevent the water from penetrating indoors and protect the windows. We have provided an answer to the question of how to use the window jamb. You can ensure correct and complete applications by keeping this in mind.

Exterior Jamb Production

We can say that window jambs consist of types such as door jambs used in building entrances and exits, i.e., on doors. The jambs used in balconies are balcony jambs and jambs used in the structure defined as French balconies are also among these types.

Polyurethane Jamb:

They offer many advantages. This material provides extreme flexibility in the design. The designer can create his desired jamb drawings for production. If provided via software, the production of the jamb will be completed with care. The fact that it is both a professional and custom work is completely determined by the design and the material.

Istanbul Jamb Companies

The jamb can be indispensable to achieving a more aesthetic structure. All you need to achieve this is to contact the Istanbul jamb companies. After the information on exterior application techniques, you can request an application. The applications applied by jamb companies may be carried out with different materials and designs. You can request jambs at the most affordable price by considering all these. You can contact the companies to get jamb quotes. The choice is completely up to you.