Carton-Pierre Types

What is carton-pierre? It is generally used for all interior decoration goods made of gypsum. However, in a general sense, the answer to what is carton-pierre is the architectural element extending horizontally at the ceiling-wall junction. It can be also defined as an element used for decorative purposes in architecture. It can be used at the intersection of the wall and the middle ceiling of the room. You can also apply it in different ways such as right in the middle of the ceiling. It is an architectural practice that we are accustomed to witnessing in many homes. Well, what are carton-pierre types? When you check our varieties that are among the carton-pierre types, you can request an application for the suitable models you like. It has many different applications and designs. You can make your selection among these varieties by considering different types.


Gypsum carton-pierre: It is a type known by everyone. It is often encountered in many homes. Moreover, it is also popular among manufacturers. This is because it is both easy to apply and economical. There are two different methods in carton-pierre production. The gypsum models are produced by mixing gypsum and fibre. Thanks to fibre, more durable material is achieved. Gypsum carton-pierre is among the most preferred and the most common applications. You can evaluate the applications and request accordingly by considering these.

Foam carton-pierre: The raw material is foam. It is a material that began to be more widespread in the construction industry. During the production phase, mainly air is used. It is a relatively lighter material than gypsum. Due to its low preference rate, we can say that it is a less-known variety compared to gypsum carton-pierre. It has fewer designs.

Well, how should you choose the best one for yourself? If you are going to use the carton-pierre on the ceiling, it is recommended to choose foam materials to ensure that it is safer for decorative purposes. However, in the case of decoration with classical furniture, you should prefer gypsum models. Since it will be a better decoration, you need to prefer gypsum carton-pierre with classical models. You can evaluate all this information before the application and submit your requests by taking opinions from experts in their fields. Carton-pierre can be used in decoration with the highest quality and most affordable applications.

We are providing answers to what the carton-pierre question is. Firstly, the carton-pierre word was derived from French. The word means petrified cardboard. Cardboards are coated with gypsum to make them look like stone.

History of Carton-Pierre

It is believed that it was used since ancient times. In ancient times, carton-pierre applications were carried out by carving stones. We can say that it reflects the architectural features of every period and culture. It is also known that the Egyptians first used carton-pierre in history. It is known that they made carvings called cavetto and torus. Later on, carton-pierre architecture has options such as concave and convex. Ancient Greeks often used concave and convex shapes in carton-pierre. They also used the ellipse, parabola, and hyperbola shapes. On the other hand, the Romans used semi-circle and quarter-circle shapes. Carton-pierre applications diversified after the 16th century. We can see that applications are enriched. We can say that it was a period when architecture gained strength in terms of carton-pierre architecture. In the 1850s, with the invention of the shaping machine, carpenters started mass production. We can say that there are fields such as carving and sanding of dentil models and small parts, where production accelerated. In the 19th century, carton-pierre models started to be enriched. We can say that the Roman period models and architecture are starting to be more popular again. With the invention of the shaping machine, carpenters started mass production.